From MA in Education to Lecturer post

Name: Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen

Degree: MA Education

Graduation year: 2009

Nationality: Vietnamese

Employer: Ho Chi Minh City

University of Education, Vietnam

 I am really proud of being a graduate of Durham University – one of the oldest universities in the UK in one of the most beautiful cities with the famous Durham Cathedral. I received enthusiastic support from the lecturers and other staff in the School of Education and was able to settle down quickly and study effectively during my time at Durham. I had a chance to join all of the free English classes in the Language Centre of the University, which helped me to improve my English quickly. The Library in the School of Education was amazing and I could easily find all the required resources.

With the master’s degree and experience of studying in the UK, I quickly found a job back Vietnam. I have applied my new knowledge and skills in my work as a lecturer in my current role at Ho Chi Minh City University of Education. My students always ask me about living and studying in the UK and I am happy to promote Durham University to them. If I have a chance to return to Durham to study for my PhD I will not hesitate for a moment. It would be my dream come true.


From Vietnam to Southampton with Deloitte

Name:  Hillary Nguyen

Degree: BA Business Economics

Graduated: 2009

Nationality: Vietnamese

Employer: Deloitte, Southampton, UK

 My wish was to work in the UK after graduation, and I was fully aware that this would require great determination and effort. Therefore, I started researching graduate jobs in my first year. I applied for an Audit graduate position at Deloitte in my second year via the Fast Track event, in which two interviews and an assessment centre were held on the same day. In order to prepare for this difficult task I visited the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre for information on interview skills and feedback from previous applicants. I also did more searches on wikijob where students shared details of similar experiences. Participating in different social activities and working part-time at university helped me improve employability skills that were assessed during the interviews. I was offered the job shortly after. This meant I could focus on study and enjoy uni-life in my final year without the stress of job hunting during a recession.

I have been with the firm for 18 months and completed the professional stage of the ACA qualification. I really enjoy working in different industries with colleagues from diverse backgrounds. It has been a very steep learning curve and there are always new things to learn since I was a new joiner up to now working as a senior associate. It is definitely challenging and hard work but rewarding at the same time as it equips me with a wide range of valuable employability skills.