Jing at Imperial

Name: Jing Pang

Degree: Physics MPhys

Graduated: 2009

Nationality: Malaysian

Current position: PhD at Imperial College London

 While I was investigating universities in UK, I created a shortlist of possibilities. In the end, I chose Durham University not only because of its high quality research and teaching in the Physics Department but also the opportunity to immerse myself in a collegiate environment full of student events. I joined several societies and enjoyed making friends from various backgrounds.

My main interest is the application of modern technology and bringing this into the market. Therefore, other than academic study and social life, it was also very important to consider other aspects of skills such as business awareness and entrepreneurship to help my career in the future. In Durham University, the Careers Employability and Enterprise Centre helped me to cover these aspects by providing various activities throughout the years to help every student who would like to increase their transferable skills and employability. One of the activities I attended was a three day entrepreneurship course in partnership with other companies such as IBM. This course greatly helped me to develop some business awareness and other soft skills which are not obvious in my physical science academic study. In my final year, I was applying for a research and development position and the Careers Centre helped me significantly in the application process by checking my CV and giving me interview advice. With their help, I was offered the job.

Durham University has taught me to always expand my horizons and improve myself. So after a year of working in industry, I am now doing full-time PhD research in the Materials Department of Imperial College London with a full scholarship. I would like to say that studying in Durham University is a unique experience and fun while giving students ample opportunity to enhance their employability.