Case Study – Sergio Roldán

What is your nationality?Sergio
Born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico.

What/when did you study at Durham?
I did an MSc in New and Renewable Energy from September 2012 to September 2013.

What are you doing now?
Though right now I am transitioning into a new role, I previously worked for DNV GL (formerly GL Garrad Hassan) as an Energy and Development Engineer.

What does your job involve?
Being a technical consulting firm, I performed the design of wind farms in Mexico and Central America, as well as produced energy production estimates at the pre-construction stage and design measurement campaign designs for wind farm development.

How did your time at Durham help you to succeed?
On the academic aspect, it gave me more than just technical information – there was often an emphasis on investment and money matters at the different development stages of the projects, which is essential in a professional environment. On the social side, it provided me with the ability to collaborate with many different people, and on a wide range of social circumstances – from talks to colleagues, to dinners with clients, and working with technicians.

What advice would you give to current students?
When you feel there is something wrong – say it! If there is, you will be noticed. If there isn’t, you come across as confident. Win-win!


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