Case study – Annegret Engel

What is your nationality?An Engel


What/when did you study at Durham?

2006-2007: LL.M. in International Trade and Commercial Law, Hatfield College.

2008-2013: Ph.D. in EU Law (Title: “Legal Bases in the European Union: An Analysis of pre- and post-Lisbon conflicts across the pillars”), passed with no corrections (summa cum laude), Ustinov College.

What are you doing now – employer and role?

Lecturer at Cardiff University.

What does your job involve?

I am teaching EU law at undergraduate and postgraduate level, conducting research in my area of expertise (upcoming: I will be presenting a paper at a conference in Oslo in June), and I am involved in administrative work in my role as Admissions Tutor.

How did your time at Durham help you to succeed?

First, my studies in Durham have equipped me with the necessary skills to be successful. This not only includes actual knowledge learned during my course, but also social skills obtained during college activities (I was awarded twice with a Ustinov College Scholarship for outstanding contribution to the social and sports activities).

Second, my studies in Durham have also provided me with great opportunities to enhance my profile. For example, I have had the opportunity to get teaching experience from day 1 of my Ph.D. (not possible everywhere), I have been able to present my work during my studies at departmental and college level as well as to attend seminars/workshops/conferences, I have had the chance to get some first-hand experience at the European Commission as a trainee, and I have been a visiting student at the European University Institute in Florence during my Ph.D.

Third, Durham has also helped me to build up a network with people with the same/similar interests which is essential later on whether or not a career in academia is envisaged.

What advice would you give to current students?

Make the most of your time in Durham! Durham offers a lot for everyone! Get involved in different activities!

Durham will provide you with the necessary tools, you just need make use of them. Once you have the degree, it will get you everywhere!

In particular to potential Ph.D. students: The most important decision will be the choice of your prospective supervisor. Choose carefully!


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