The Sirius Programme

Global International graduate with an innovative start-up idea?

The Sirius programme is for talented international graduates who want to set up their headquarters and settle down in the UK as a long-term plan to grow their business.

The competition run by UK Trade and Investment is one of the most comprehensive start-up support packages offered globally, and one of the best in Europe with no equity taken from enterprises. Successful applicants receive mentoring, a place at one of the UK’s best accelerators, support to gain clients, set up business and raise funds to scale your business.

Sirius are looking for the right people, with the best ideas, who really want the UK to be the place for their amazing ideas.

Applications are now open to graduates from all over the world who have followed BA/BSc level, Master or Research degree programmes. For full details and application visit Durham University students who are interested in this can come and see the Resident Business Adviser in the Careers Centre (email  Apply by the 30th June 2014.



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