Lun Chai aiming high!

Name: Lun ChaiLun Chai
Course: MSc International Banking and Finance
Graduated: 2011
Nationality: Chinese
Employer: Lombard Risk
Current position: Business Consultant (Regulatory Reporting)

I am working as a business consultant at Lombard Risk (in the City of London), a financial services firm. I specialise in regulatory reporting for banking clients and create automated reports of credit risk and liquidity risk to the Bank of England and European Banking Authority.

I chose to study the MSc in International Banking and Finance at the University of Durham Business School due to the excellent academic teaching, fantastic international reputation, plus the very beautiful location.

I really enjoyed my Advanced Financial Theory lectures and seminars. The teacher provided ample opportunity to present ideas in front of the whole class. I also appreciated the help from my dissertation professor who was really knowledgeable and professional. I learnt a lot from our one to one sessions.

I applied to Lombard Risk because I was very interested in the regulatory reporting/compliance sector, and it is one of the top leaders in the market to provide compliance solutions for banks and investment firms.

I discovered this opportunity on After the initial application I completed three rounds of interviews with managers and directors which required substantial research and preparation.

I very much appreciated help from Durham University Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre. This provides students with lots of tips and information about the current job market and how to secure a job before you complete your studies. They helped me to review my CV and practice a mock face to face interview. I found this support extremely helpful, so you should make the most of it while you are at Durham to save you lots of trouble and help you avoid silly mistakes during your job hunting.


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