Aleksandar’s finance success

Name: Aleksandar Zahariev Aleksandar Zahariev

Course: MSc Corporate and International Finance

Graduated: 2011

Nationality: Bulgarian

Employer: Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund 

Durham is a very prestigious university with attractive tuition fees, a peaceful campus and well recognized financial program. What I liked most from my time there was the way we were expected to become proficient in our chosen field through our own research. As a passionate sports person I was involved in Durham’s judo society as well as a number of investment societies.

I applied to BDIF after taking the first level of the CFA qualification and a long job search in both the UK and Bulgaria. The position offered was exactly what I wanted – to be in charge of a big fixed income portfolio. The selection process was not as difficult as I expected: I went through two interviews in which I was asked about my knowledge of the fixed income market mechanics and instruments. My preparation proved invaluable. Being Chief Treasury Expert involves controlling the liquidity and profitability of the fund. Being constantly aware of everything happening in the global economy and markets is part of the job description. Also, communication skills play an important role since I am constantly in touch with other dealers via phone or Bloomberg terminal.

The experience gained in Durham is very helpful since it taught me to be attentive, organized and have a keen eye for detail. My advice is anything but straightforward – students should get as much hands-on experience as they can. Nothing is more important than that! Also they should follow their heart, as I did, and bear with the gruesome job market in order to get what they want. Happiness is everything!


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