Mamed’s LLM leads to success

Name: Mamed Nazaraliyev

Course: LLM International, Commercial and Trade Law

Graduated: 2011

Nationality: Azerbaijani

Employer: State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic

Current position: Legal Adviser

I completed my undergraduate degree at Baku State University in Azerbaijan in International Law LLB with cum Laude (great honour). Following this I was employed as a programme assistant at ‘Caspian Cooperation for the Future’ NGO and was responsible for implementing various legal programmes at schools and universities.

I was still hungry to expand my knowledge and so I applied for the LLM in International, Commercial and Trade Law at Durham due to the excellent reputation of the department and institution. The best features of my course were the interactive teaching process, modern approaches, very practical modules and highly-qualified and knowledgeable academic staff.

While at Durham I was involved in conferences and lectures organised by our department and the postgraduate community. These expanded my understanding and worldview by providing a platform for discussion and debate. The most useful modules for me were Introduction to the Law of Oil Contracts, International Sales Law and International Banking Law. My dissertation covered Dispute Management in Azerbaijan Oil Contracts. I conducted comparative research using examples of foreign contracts to evaluate the practice of the Azerbaijan Production Sharing Agreement and was very happy to receive a mark of 72% (a distinction) for this research.

I am confident that the courses taken and the experience of studying in such a high-ranked University have pre-determined my career success. I am currently employed by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic. I applied while still in the UK and successfully passed several interviews before receiving the job offer. Currently my role involves working with foreign partners of our company. I provide legal support for international projects launched in Azerbaijan and am closely involved in the negotiations with foreign companies. Legal consulting on a wide range of topics is also an integral part of my job.

Durham University is not just about study. There are many opportunities for expanding your horizons through extracurricular activities. My interests centred around football. I played for the Azerbaijan team in the amateur league of County Durham. Durham students become members of a college and I was at Hild Bede. This was a fantastic experience with its formal dinners, college days, concerts and sport events. The staff in Hild Bede College are all fantastic and provide whatever help and support is needed.

I am grateful to all the people who taught and helped me on my academic path. Durham University is definitely one of the best Universities to study and one of the most adorable places to live in. Do take this chance and success will accompany you.


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