Jalesh goes Consulting with Accenture

Name: Jalesh Mahbubani

Course: MA Management  

Graduated: 2010

 Nationality: Indian

Current position: Analyst at Accenture, London

I enjoyed my time at Durham University, having completed the MA Management in 2010. The small town was perfect for the year long degree with the collegiate system  providing an ideal opportunity to meet people and make friends.

With a business degree at undergraduate level, the subjects weren’t entirely new for me. I applied for the masters at Durham in order to continue my studies in a different environment. And what a different environment it was; we had such a mix of students from all over the world, with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Not only were the students so diverse, the ‘way’ to do things was different from what I had previously experienced. Having been tested mostly through exams, writing out argumentative papers proved interesting, allowing one to really dig deep into a subject and come out with an individual point of view. The course schedule allowed for more than enough personal time. I took advantage of this by involving myself in a lot of sport and extra-curricular activities. I was part of the Amateur Boxing Club at Durham and played a lot of casual badminton and football with Team Ustinov and friends. This is something I recommend everyone should do!

Having the prestigious Durham University on my CV opened many doors for me, including the one to my current job as an Analyst at Accenture. After starting with Accenture, I can see how strong a brand name Durham has and how much effort the company puts into recruitment of graduates from here.

I had an amazing year at Durham; the people, the scenic town, the sport and even some of the lectures. Not only was the year enjoyable, but my time at Durham helped set me up for a career in management consultancy that I had wanted to pursue.


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