Musical Maria

Name: Maria Kouvarou 

Course: MA by Research in Music

 Graduated: 2010

 Nationality: Cypriot 

Current position: PhD student in the

Music Department at Durham University

 I arrived in Durham on September 28th, 2009, after I was offered a place as an MA by Research student in the Music Department of Durham University. I came here holding my research degree on Music Sciences (granted with a distinction from the Music Department of the Ionian University, Corfu, Greece), lots of luggage and great expectations for  the new phase that was about to begin.

 The excellent communication with and support from my supervisor and all the staff members, as well as the friendly and collaborative atmosphere within the postgraduate community of the Music Department afforded me with enthusiasm for working hard on my research project. In addition, the interaction with such a community of talented and knowledgeable people was another important source of motivation for me. Needless to say, I applied for a PhD in the same department, and felt much honored to be offered a place and also to be granted AHRC funding for the three years of the degree.

 Apart from the excellent atmosphere within the department, I would like to add that I am also really happy for being a member of such an interesting and diverse postgraduate community, which is characteristic of Durham University. Meeting people from different cultural and educational backgrounds is one of the things that add up to my ‘Durham’ experience.

 At this point, I have already been working on my PhD project for almost a year. I am working on the field of ‘Aesthetics of Popular Music’, looking at how ‘Afro-American’ musical idioms were accepted, developed and finally assimilated in the already existing popular music of five European countries. After I complete the degree I would like to find a job in a University, and follow the career of an academic. I am sure by now that my decision to stay in Durham University for a second degree will prove to be a valuable and essential background for the future.


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