Reverend Leonard pursues PhD

Name:  Rev. Leonard Wee

Reverend Leonard Wee next to Durham Cathedral

Degree: MA Theology and Religion

Graduated: 2009

Nationality: Singapore

Employer: The Presbyterian Church in Singapore

Current course: PhD Theology at Durham University

When the Presbyterian Church in Singapore offered me a scholarship to further my theological education, I chose to come to Durham University because of its fine faculty, its long tradition of excellence in biblical research, and its beautiful surroundings. I was not disappointed! The one year in my MA course had been most profitable; the professors paid careful attention to my work, and their feedback enabled me to sharpen my thinking and theological skills.

 I am currently into the second year of my PhD programme at Durham. On top of the excellent supervision that I am receiving for my research, I enjoy the weekly postgraduate seminars in the Theology and Religion department. Here, we interact with our fellow PhD students, professors, and renowned scholars from all over the world who are invited to speak. It has been an exhilarating experience for me at Durham, and I am sure that goes for the other 160 or so PhD students at the Theology and Religion department as well!

 When I return to Singapore, I will be serving under the Synod of the Presbyterian Church and will be teaching full-time at the Trinity Theological College. I look forward to making my contribution to nurture a new generation of leaders and pastors for the church in Singapore-Malaysia, Asia and S.E. Asia!


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